about Us

Dorio Vintage Drums offers vintage and modern (namely C&C) drums to satisfy any and all backline needs without sacrificing quality. After touring for many years, we always found it frustrating that backline was synonymous with banged up gear that neither sounded nor looked good. Often times, these rentals coincided with some of the tour's most important shows (ie. festivals, late night TV, music video shoots) and we had no choice but to rent a kit we'd never normally play. We are proud to change that. 

Whether you need a timeless sounding kit for your recording session or the unmistakable tone and look for your next tour, we've got you covered. Additionally, we have a beautiful selection of Zildjian cymbals and fully functional hardware all detailed on our website. We'd love the opportunity to set you up with one of our kits. Please contact us with any and all questions.

Dorio Vintage Drums is backline for drummers, by drummers.